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Semiosis in nature:

Biosemiosis, the processes whereby living systems identify and interpret environmental states or events as signs - visual, olfacory, auditive etc. - using them to guide their activities, has become the focus of my research for the past 20 years. Little could I know as a young biochemist setting out to do research at the University of Copenhagen in 1968 that I would end up in such an unexpected field. But gradually I have come to see that there are no escape routes: Semiosis cannot be reduced to biochemistry - and yet semiosis is inseparable from biochemistry. Life appeared on Earth when complex systems aquired a capacity to use molecules as signs. 

In 2008 I published the book 

“Biosemiotics. An Examination into the Signs of Life and the Life of Signs”, summarizing the insights my work had brought me so far. 

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Professional interests:

Biosemiotics - Philosophy of Nature - Evolution - Development - Ecology - Ethics - Medical Science - History of Technology

Civil interests:

Science/Religion - Human rights - Cultural Plurality - Power structure - Global politics - history - art

Personal interests:

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